New Air Conditioning Unit Installations in Kissimmee and Orlando, FL!

New Air Conditioning Unit Installations in Kissimmee and Orlando, FL!

If you need a new AC system to keep your home cool and comfortable, contact our AC company in Kissimmee today. Choosing which make and model can seem overwhelming, but we make the process simple. Our certified techs will help you choose the right system for you home and budget. We will also walk you through every step of the process, beginning with an evaluation of your home's cooling needs and the existing ductwork. Contact us today to book a free on-site quote.

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New AC System Installation

Most homeowners aren't well versed in the ins and outs of their central AC system, they just worry about whether or not it can cool their home. When you're in the market for a replacement air conditioning unit, it's helpful to learn a little more about how they work. One thing customers are often surprised to hear is that the AC system doesn't make cool air. The system actually removes heat from the air and transfers it outside, through the use of refrigerant. Warm or hot air moves through the lines and coils in the unit, changing from liquid to gas and back again.

The air conditioning system also removes indoor humidity. This is important for a handful of reasons. Lower humidity improves the overall comfort level in your home because it makes you feel cooler, even if the temperature reads the same. Controlling indoor humidity levels is also key for preventing mold growth. Mold can damage your home, carpet, drywall, and cause allergies and illness. Because your home AC system has such a big job to do, it's important to choose the right one based on your needs and your home's layout. Call our AC company today, and we will help you narrow down the choices.

Caring for Your Replacement AC System

Once you've chosen between a traditional AC system, ductless system, or heat pump to meet your air conditioning needs, the best way to make it last is by taking care of the unit.

Below are a few tips we have regarding your new AC system:

Change the filter. One maintenance task that is often forgotten is changing the air filter. We recommend replacing the filter every month but at the very least every three months. When your filter is dirty, it restricts air flow, which lowers the energy efficiency. Lower efficiency equals higher energy costs.

Routine maintenance. Keep your air conditioning in tip-top shape with regular maintenance tune-ups. Routine air conditioning inspections and checkups will stretch the lifespan of your new unit and help stave off repairs by catching problems before they start.

Check for debris. Ideally, you want your air conditioning condenser in the shade, but at the least, make sure to keep the condenser clear of any debris or plant growth, especially around the coils. The coils need to be exposed for maximum airflow. The coils should also be cleaned at the beginning of every season.

Our air conditioning company provides all the services you need to keep your AC running all year long. Call us for repairs, maintenance, or new system installation. We offer free replacement air conditioning estimates on-site.

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If you need a new AC systems in Kissimmee, St Cloud, Lake Nona or nearby areas call us!