Includes 21 Point inspection:

- test thermostat
- measure operating temperatures
- visual inspection of accessible ductwork
- tighter outdoor fan blade
- check motor operator
- inspect evaporator coil
- inspect and clean condenser coil
- monitor compressor operation
- monitor system Freon pressures
- visual inspection for refrigerant leaks
- inspect all electrical connnections
- measure voltage and amperage
- check safety controls
- clear condensate drain lines
- check for abnormal noise
- check for corrosion
- check for excessive vibration
- inspect heater controls
- check filter
- deodorize air handler
- check control circuit

$216 per year or $18 per month for 12 months

2 FREE service calls per year

PLUS! 2 Tuneups per year

2 Year labor Warranty

Priority Same Day service

OUR Savings Agreement Assures You of the Following:

You are Our #1 Concern

Your Equipment will Last Longer

You will Receive Extended Benefits

Spring Storms & Power Surges, Are you prepared?

Every year we get calls from customers who have damage to their Air Conditioning and heating units because of power surges. A power surge can cause damage that is avoidable with a surge protector. Contact us today to get yours installed before the spring storms hit!

Plus, don't miss the savings on our Maintenance agreement. At just $18 a month it comes with 2 FREE service calls, a 21 point inspection, 2 tune-ups plus so much more.
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Surge Protector $399

Includes Installation

Maintenance Agreement $18/MO


Offer Includes surge protector, installation, and yearly Maintenance agreement with a 21-point inspection, 2 service calls per year plus more! Call for details.

Expires: January 31, 2021